Julius Klinger, 1909

Julius Klinger, 1909

Gerda Barth: The History of the Poster Collection of the Vienna City Library

Bernhard Denscher: Austrian Posters

Bernhard Denscher: Emil Ranzenhofer – An Early Advertising Expert

Bernhard Denscher: Heinrich Lefler

Bernhard Denscher: Joseph Binder – Colour follows function

Bernhard Denscher: Ornament and Reduction: The Contribution of Viennese Posters to the Development of Visual Mass Communication

Bernhard Denscher: Ottokar Mascha, a Viennese Connoisseur

Bernhard Denscher: Robert Haas: From “Officina Vindobonensis” to the “Ram Press”

Bernhard Denscher: The Poster and Art

René Grohnert: BINDER or BINDER?

René Grohnert: No Two Values are the Same: Some thoughts on valuations and assessments of posters

René Grohnert: Ernst Deutsch-Dryden (1887 – 1938)

Murray G. Hall: Hermann Kosel: From Rikola to the Buchkontor

Murray G. Hall: Hermann Kosel as book designer. His work for the publisher Fiba-Verlag, Vienna–Leipzig

Murray G. Hall: Julius Klinger and Verlagsbuchhandlung Moritz Perles in Vienna

Murray G. Hall: The Posters of Mihály Biró

Jianpeng He: Henry Steiner: “A very ‘weanerisch’ Sensibility”

Julius Klinger: The Holy Every Day

Christian Maryška: Julius Klinger and the path to annihilation